About Us

Committed to Excellence

Gold Rush Probate Services operates under the oversight of Gold Rush Realty, Inc.  We are lead by broker and experienced probate agent Nikki Holmes.

Nikki became licensed in 2003, after past careers as a licensed professional civil engineer, and having operated several small businesses.  Her real estate calling was clear from the beginning: problem-solving and strategy came naturally, and over the nearly two decades in business, Nikki and the Gold Rush team have walked many families through challenging times and complicated transactions.

What many agents don’t recognize is that not only is probate a different process entirely, but often there are layered issues to address.  Skillful strategy is critical, and it’s imperative to possess the ability to see far down the road in anticipation of questions that will arise.

The Gold Rush Probate Services Team includes several agents certified in probate services expertise, as well as agents who are dedicated to assisting our clients and their families in handling all aspects of the probate journey; including such tasks as removing and placing personal property items remaining in the home, addressing needs in probate arising out of conservatorship; gathering appropriate documentation for completion of the transaction; working with specialists in cases of hoarding or excessive deterioration; communicating with various parties and even in some cases tracking down and contacting long lost family members.  We have even occasionally found homes for pets left behind!


What the list above really means to you is that we take our role in this process very seriously, and we know that your family needs a team of professionals who understand the personal aspect of this process, as well as the technical aspect.   When we take on a new client, sometimes, the scope of the work we will need to do for them is not yet clear.  We are experienced enough to know what resources to pull in, and when.  We understand that you probably have not done this before, and, well, we've got this.